SARMS – Liquid vs Pills

Do you need a winning formula for muscle growth that has little or no negative side effects? Then buy SARMS for a better body within just one pill. These selective androgen receptor modulators are every bodybuilder’s dream.  Much more strength, more mass, and muscles without the troubling side effects as the real steroids have. With proper dosage, you can limit and eliminate any sarms side effects. The real question is, once you decide to look for sarms for sale, should you choose liquid over pills? Take a look at both the pros and the cons of both options.


Liquid – Pros & Cons


  • Most people even men are afraid of swallowing pills. Yes, it may sound strange that bodybuilders are scare of a tiny pill, but it is all in the head and we find it very often. That’s why you can find sarms for sale in a liquid bottle as well, which is the most common form of SARMS.
  • As we already mentioned, getting the proper dosage of SARMS will prevent any unwanted sarms side effects. Due to that, it is easier to buy sarms in a liquid form as you can choose the right measurement yourself. For example, if you want to get let’s say 15 mg dosage, simply use the dozer, which is not the case with the pills. You cannot take the proper dosage if you have a 10mg of Ostarine pill.
  • When it comes to better absorption, the liquid version is a must. This is probably one of the main reasons why men choose to buy sarms in the form of liquid over the capsules. It gets quickly absorbed in the body and the effects are quickly visible.


  • Bad taste for sure. Since sarms are dissolved in alcohol it is normal to dominate the taste of the alcohol. But the good thing is that you cannot get drunk. Nor it can show any presence of alcohol in the blood in case of alcohol testing.
  • Yet, another reason not to buy sarms in liquid is the fact that you cannot carry liquid in your bag when traveling. It is forbidden. No matter how small the bottle is, still you might have a problem at the security check- ups.

Pills – Pros & Cons

Although Sarms are legal steroids in Canada still, they are not FDA approved. That means they are not able to sell the compound in a pill form as they are not yet approved for human consumption. Most producers don’t want legal problems, so they choose the liquid option instead.


  • Pills are for someone who doesn’t want to bother with measurements, and simply take one pill in the morning and get over. It is easier to remember to take the pill simply because you can take them with you wherever you go.
  • Another thing good about the pills is that they don’t have any taste. Especially for those who hate the taste of the alcohol. Pills are simply tasteless and easy for consummation.
  • No need to worry if you need to travel, simply take your pills and get in shape wherever you go. No prohibition on pills and they are easy to transport.

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